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August 27, 2009, 9:56 pm
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Man.. I’ve been getting some really great projects lately! A new album design for the band Busekrus (it’s called Welkin), an invitation for Word of Life with a complex Photoshop concept, and I’ll be doing live painting at the Loft in chinatown, Honolulu, this Friday for The Deadbeats ‘Four Elements of Hip Hop’ show. I’m a little nervous about the live painting, truth be told.. Mostly because my current techniques don’t really lend themselves to a span of a few hours in a dimly lit room. About the only thing I really feel I’m gonna have going for me is the loud ass music that’ll be surrounding me as I create.. as that is, well.. normal. If anything, i think it’ll be a great experience because I’ll be out of my comfort zone and that does tend to turn out good results. I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed. You can cross yours too if you want… thanks.

I can’t post pictures just yet… the Busekrus album is dropping next week, the WOL invite is still in progress, and this Friday is still two days from now… but as soon as I can I will, fo’sho!

Until all of the above come to fruition… I will leave you with this little sneak peep. This is the CD Release show poster for Busekrus… and of course you’re definitely invited!

busekrus poster


post it!
August 19, 2009, 3:18 pm
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Yeah! So i’m posting it… this terrifically awesome post it note table by Tom Seymour I think I might actually try to make one of these, on a smaller scale… totally rad.

post it table by tom seymour

Equally as fun is this sudoku pizza.. I recently had an addiction to sudoku.. and although I do love it, but I’ve never really had an addiction to pizza, but with the two combined I can definitely foresee in my future an addiction to playing with my food! Wait. I do that already ;P

sudoku pizza

August 18, 2009, 5:46 pm
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I got ’em.. love ’em!

“What?!?”, you ask.. Smencils, of course! :D


Quite possibly one of life’s simplest pleasures can be the wafting of a favorite scent tickling your sniffer. Fresh coffee brewing, grandma’s apple spice cake, cut grass, chocolate, one could go on and on… Now, one of my life’s simplest pleasures is a good doodle session or a fine sketch, if I can manage the time these days. *grrr*
Fortunately for me, now i can have them both at the same time!

“How?!?”, you query..

smencils closeup

Smencils are scented pencils! They come in a bunch of yummy flavors guaranteed to keep you’re nose occupied while you imagination runs wild, and the best part… they’re made from recycled newspaper. So you can start by sketching all the trees you’ve saved!

Grape is definitely my favorite, but the Cinnamon scent is also pretty amazing!

sharing is caring
August 13, 2009, 9:41 am
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I have fallen. Down the rabbit hole that is my browser… my husband is telling me I have way too many tabs open at one time. 25 tabs, that’s not that many. This is how I keep track, I explain. I never considered myself a blogger, in the true sense of the word, but I do follow blogs… many blogs. They inspire me to create.. they lead me alternate realities .. they send me off to new worlds…… One by one I find them, and I go where they point me, to keep me ingesting a steady diet of inspiration, daily.

“Why don’t I share?”, I think. Regurgitate what I find, you know…? I don’t know. Perhaps because regurgitate is such a gross word and concept for that matter.. although I know it’s a beautiful thing when used in the context of mother and baby birds.

I should share. I could. So like just today I found a new favorite musician.. Emily Wells. Amazing. With a capital A. I was reading Flavorpill Chicago, I don’t live in Chicago… LA, San Fran, New York or London for that matter, but I love reading about what’s happening in all those cities and I’ve devoured Flavorpill’s city guides for years to accomplish that.

I also ran across this little lovely.. the plush panda chair, by the Campana brothers. I love stuffed animals… and not just any stuffed animals, but the bizarre not your average teddy bear kind of stuff animals. I have a giant grasshopper, an oversized octopus, I used to have a skunk even… hmmm.. don’t know what happened to him? The Campana brothers also have an alligator, shark/dophin, and teddy bear version on their utterly delightful website under the title Banquete.
panda chair
This was also a Flavorpill find… actually in a review of pop star Lady Gaga’s fantastical wardrobe.

And this great image.. attached to this article by Allen Salkin, a writer for the The New York Times.
What a great idea… i dig that there are people scoffing at the insatiable need some people feel to tweet every frickin’ thing they do, all day long, every damn day.. Although true to form, it took people meeting in a penthouse to get some face time with the press… after all there are plenty of average people who abhor the twitter revolution. Nevertheless.. I think it’s a great idea and secretly wish I had thought of it :) And don’t get me wrong…. I am myself a tweeter.. you just won’t find out when I last visited the loo.

Hey this is fun. I think I could do this more often… this sharing thing.

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