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October 31, 2009, 2:45 pm
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I must be nesting… no, not the prego kind. The I wish we had our own place kind… ’cause I am addicted, and no not to any major narcotic either. But to a simple yet fantastic blog. You see it’s been keeping me from my own blog… at least that’s what I’m blaming for the absence. I’m sure any day now my friends and family will be having an intervention for me. It’s funny because the blog is actually a kind of therapy. You looked disappointed. Noooo, I’m not making excuses… I can quit anytime.. anytime.

See… Apartment Therapy.


October 25, 2009, 9:38 pm
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Chillaxin’ in the space… that’s right, I said chillaxin’. Watchin’ Color Splash. Finished up work finally, yes I work on Saturday :( blah. Trying to get re-motivated though.. to do something… ANYthing at all. But aahhh… yaaaaawn.. I think I may be heading to bed early.. and by head to bed early I mean sit right here in my chair and be a zombie.

pretty punkin’
October 20, 2009, 6:27 pm
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There are a lot of spook’tacular things about Hawai’i come October… Like halloween in Waikiki; it’s crazy packed! But the upcoming humid rainy winter weather makes for less than optimal pumpkin carvin’ :( i know… it’s a bummer. Overnight, what was a fantastical ghoulish fright of a pumpkin turns into a real ghoulish fright with mold and bugs taking over like zombies coming out of the ground to devour fresh flesh. “Eewww… gross!”, you might say… Yup, I’d say that too.

So having learned my lesson from last year, this year I’ve taken to decorating the outside of my pumpkins with paint and sharpies… there are tons of neat ideas on the web, and tutorials on how to decorate your way to a Martha Stewart worthy gourd!

For my first one I decided to go punk.. ’cause I call ’em puNkins!

skull decorated pumpkin

Busekrus : Welkin : Banana Grafeeks
October 18, 2009, 6:51 pm
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This is not news really, I mean the cd came out over a month ago. I’m terrible at keeping a calendar… post it notes galore and I still manage to let stuff slip through the proverbial cracks.

Never you mind… here it is. I’m super proud of the way it turned out.. and I know the band is really stoked with production of the songs. They sound amazing. You can’t get it just yet on iTunes, but soon, and I’ll post the link to their myspace, but I don’t think the news songs are on there yet either… but friend them anyway! They’re great friends.

busekrus welkin cd

October 18, 2009, 6:42 pm
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This is my lovely silly husband, LJ. My +1. My cozy warm safe place to go when I’m crazy frustrated or loosin’ my ever lovin’ mind. my funny valentine. my handy man. my winner winner chicken dinner. my can’t get enough of… my best friend.

lj wearing mo'hawk hat

I love him ever so.

New Online Portfolio!
October 16, 2009, 11:36 am
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Well, in recent months I’ve been in the market looking to find a portfolio site to be home to my work while I rebuild the Banana Grafeeks website… I had been offered an invitaiton to join TAXI at a discounted rate for the year, and decided it could work for me… but after using it for a few months I have to admit that it’s upscale design look leaves something to be desired in the communication department.

Rather than feeling like they are getting my work viewed by the masses, as promised, I’ve begun to feel like it’s a site more geared towards photographers and industry news.

So I kept looking. Did I find something? You better Behance it!

behance peek

Behance is FREE portfolio site… and blows it’s competition out of the water! (In this artist’s humble opinion :) Add the clean line and thoughtful design interface I crave with the bonus of having more control over my portfolio and I’m impressed. Projects are set up as modules you customize, and you can upload as many projects as you want (projects can include images, mp3’s, video and text). Features like statisics and watch groups, comments, messages, and transmissions make it fun to communicate and encourage the community to grow. There’s even a ‘inner circle’ feature that can function as you own mini network of like minded peers… all these site features allow one to interact with the professionals it brings together productively. Round it out with public ‘Circles’, a place for ‘Tip Exchange’, and the ‘JobList’ and you’re looking at a positively positive profile experience! .. and too many P’s, I love it!

It’s a beta version at present, but if you are a creative professional or even magician, you can sign up for an invitation to join… take a look at My portfolio for Banana Grafeeks, it’s set up in “frame” view, which is a stripped down, ad free version that I can send to my clients… To see how the network profile views, click on the ‘network profile’ link in the bottom left hand corner.

B-B-B-Back in the saddle again
October 13, 2009, 3:24 pm
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So yea! I’m back from my trip to the west coast, LA to Seattle. It was fun! And I got to visit several places I’ve never been to, San Francisco, Seattle… both wonderful cities.. cities I wish I’d had more time in, but the trip was really a mini-tour for my husband’s band Busekrus, so rather than spending all day at the SAM, I was content to wander Pike Place public market.. which was actually really great! Vendors selling absolutely beautiful fresh flower bouquets for $15 bucks!!! Wow.. I was in shock.

Now it’s back to the desk, back in the office… did I say, “yea!”? Well, although I am glad to be back, being gone actually inspired me to want to move. Living in Hawaii is a dream, it is beautiful here, and for anyone who hasn’t lived here I’m sure my saying I want to move is pure insanity, just ludicrous! But it’s true, I can’t wait to move.

I’ve been here over 3 years so it’s not like I didn’t give the place a chance, and I met my husband here so It isn’t like I haven’t been enjoying my time either… I’m sure it’s due partly to my Aries side, and her fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants need for change and spontaneity, but also partly because of my Taurus side’s need for all things affordable. Did I mention I’m a cusp baby? It’s a curse sometimes… really.

You know though, all this isn’t why I started writing today. Gosh. I started this post to share some neato burrito things I’ve run across since I’ve been back here in the office, on the ‘net…

Every once in a while you run across true genius design. Here is a perfect example. Roland Tiangco’s interactive poster. I actually saw this months ago on World Famous Design Junkies and then again last night on one of my new favorite blogs, Share Some Candy and actually originally posted by the artist on his website: Roland Tiangco check out his website to see how it works!

interative poster by roland tiangco

Then today while cruising another favorite blog, Oh Joy! I found these wonderful owl bookends by Chatchada Oh my gosh I want.

owl bookends by chatchada

I love owls.

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