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Hooray for Brownie Burger Cupcakes!
January 13, 2010, 2:51 pm
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Bring ’em on!

So I found this delightful picture while cruising around on We(Heart)It (one of my favorite places on the web to find inspiration), but because a lot of what I find on We(Heart)It doesn’t include the original source of an image (more often than not it links the picture back to someone’s tumblr blog and you’re lucky if they’ve sourced it correctly. Usually they’ve “hearted” it from another blog who “faved” it from another blog and so on). Oh yeah, the picture.

bakerella brownie burger cupcakes

Aren’t they just the cutest things! Totally brilliant.

So before posting I decided to try and find the picture’s source and after only a little bit of googling I was able to locate it on Bakerella’s Flickr. Which then led me to her blog I also found a lot of other sites with similar recipes (even Toll House), but none of them had quite the charm of her little guys. Some people used chocolate cupcakes as the “burger” part, some had the cupcake “buns” shaved off around the edges… you know as a designer with a scrupulous eye I can definitely attest to these being the best of the bunch, whether or not they were the first on the block isn’t really relevant once you see them all next to one another. Thus proof that “IT” really is in the eye of the beholder.

So with the correct credit found and given, I decided to make these babies for a party I recently hosted when a friend of my graduated college. They were a huge hit! And although I didn’t make the cookie “chips” (fries) or have the paper boats for them to hang out together in, it was no matter… they lasted like a nanosecond anyway. Here are mine!

hanasaurusrex brownie burger cupcakes

hanasaurusrex brownie burger cupcakes

I can tell you too… they taste amazing! You should check out too for other yummy recipes… I hear she invented these wonderful little things called Cake Pops… I’ve gotta try those next!


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