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My Sundae Daydream
March 8, 2010, 12:58 pm
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my sunday daydream illustration ice cream

You can view a much better image of this and other current works in my portfolio: banana grafeeks

I’ve made my living as a Graphic Designer for the last 10 years. Back then I wasn’t able to go the traditional route of attending college or art school, instead I began working for a local screen printer in their art department. It was so awesome! Every day I’d get to fumble around on a aqua blue Yosemite MAC G3 using Macromedia FreeHand and Photoshop, drink copious amounts of coffee, and I could call myself a Graphic Designer, even though I had NO idea what I was doing. It took me several years before I was even close to having a style I could even remotely call my own, but I hung in there. After all, what other job could I have where I could dress however I wanted, come and go as I pleased, and jam out to loud music all day? Art departments rock!

So flash forward a decade and I humbly have to say I have definitely grown into my artistic skin. I have a style, I have an aesthetic I’m proud of, and I am still a Macromedia FreeHand user. Oh, the shame! No, wait… what? I love FreeHand! It has served me well and I know it like the back of my hand. I know how maximize it’s efficient attributes and how to get around it’s not so efficient tools. For a strictly vector designer like myself it has been a trusty, tried and true blue piece of software. But ‘alas, I have known for a long time there would come a day when I would have to take a step into the future, which is now.

Admittedly, I am one of those they had to drag kicking and screaming into the new era of the MAC OSX, when they switched from 9 to 10… but that was then and this is now and I am much faster to adapt to my spaces, except when it comes to Adobe Illustrator. I knew back in the day when Adobe bought Macromedia that my beloved FreeHand would be cast aside, left to linger in the dead space of no new updates, the new best friend to Internet Explorer 5, and I was okay with that. It wouldn’t be so bad. But as time went on I grew tired of freelancing. I loathed the unwitting clients who didn’t even value the skill they were wanting to exploit. I figured I would just get a job again, in a new art department. My existing title of Sr. Designer along with my extensive body of work would be good enough, right? Wrong.

I quickly found that despite my years of experience, without the proper software in my bag of tricks, I was as obsolete as my number one go to, FreeHand. And stubborn me, rather than learn Illustrator and Quark I fought the idea at every step. I kept freelancing and I kept being unhappy. I kept trying to make it work.

Well, those days are over! I may be stubborn, but I am not stupid. If you want change in your life you must be willing to change your life. Sounds pretty obvious when you say it like that, she said. Uh, yeah. Finally, I am learning Illustrator. And although I am not really thrilled about the extra steps you have to go through to accomplish the same action FreeHand could manage in one click, and what I consider to be the rather unintuitive pen tool. I am a quick study, and it helps tremendously that I have a history with FreeHand like I do.

So with a small amount of kicking and screaming I wanted to show you my first illustration created exclusively in Adobe Illustrator. I think it turned out rather well. And yes, I guess, probably better than it would have if I would have created it in FreeHand… Hey, a girl can change her mind.

You can view my current portfolio here: banana grafeeks on


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