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Limited Edition : Kaleidoscope Posters

Now I can show you how it all wrapped up. After a year of designing fliers for the Kaleidoscope show it’s all coming to an end this month. So to commemorate the series we decided to print a poster. Well, we printed a few of them and if you get down to one of the Tuesday night shows in July you may be able to pick one up! They are in very limited supply and only $10 bucks each!

Kaleidoscope will go on… it may or may not keep it’s Tuesday night schedule, but it will be keeping it’s home at Honolulu’s ThirtyNine Hotel. If you haven’t had the opportunity to head down there and check it out I high suggest you do at some point. It’s chill, intimate, live and a great mix of local music and art!

kaleidoscope poster


More Kaleidoscope
July 9, 2010, 1:24 pm
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Here I go… I’m about to post images of the last Kaleidoscope months when I look back and realize I haven’t posted any images of Kaleidoscope since last year! So before I can show you the Limited Edition poster print of all the dolls I have to go back into time…. this is where you see wavy fuzzy lines and hear sci-fi sound effects.

kaleidoscope december
kaleidoscope january
kaleidoscope february
kaleidoscope march
kaleidoscope april
kaleidoscope may
kaleidoscope june
kaleidoscope july

And that’s how it went!

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