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another freebee friday ~

Yay! I just posted the March Freebee Friday over at my shop blog,! This month is a free desktop wallpaper.

hanasaurusrex deery desktop wallpaper

I struggled while creating it on whether or not to make it a calendar for March, but in the end I decided not to. Although, I can totally see the functionality in it, the designer in me just wanted a pretty picture to look at!  Maybe later I’ll revisit making a calendar wallpaper, but for now it’s just a super cute visual that helps to remind me that all this rain is going to bring me a sweet spring!

Pop on over to to grab the download and enjoy!

I’d like to also add a disclaimer: The image you’ll be downloading is super clean and crisp. I am really starting to loath how WordPress compresses all the images I upload, even if I host them on my own ftp… it really reduces the image quality, and for us artists/designers/illustrators it just plain sucks. But I just paid for the ability to customize my css, and although it wasn’t expensive I want to make sure I get my monies worth before I move somewhere else.


creepy cute crochet companions
February 16, 2011, 6:48 pm
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I was feeling pretty crappy yesterday but I could sleep no more. So I got up and vegged in front of the television with my yarn and a cute little book that my friend Bethany loaned me called Creepy Cute Crochet.

Creepy and cute, indeed!

creepy cute crochet ninja

These cute little monsters crochet up so quick and I enjoyed the challenge of modifying the patterns to suit my desires… not that they have to be modified to work.

creepy cute crochet nosferatu

But before I knew it I had two little creepy companions all stitched up, Ninja for my husband and Nosferatu for me!


Hi all!

Do you know about FREEBEE FRIDAY over at my other website, If not… here’s your chance to check it out. For the rest of February I’ll be offering a free printable download every Friday!

The week it’s Zombie Valentine cards! Brains…. Braaaaains!!!

hanasaurusrex zombie valentines

A Knit-tacular Baby Shower – Yarn Cake

This week my friend Bethany and I hosted a baby shower for 2 of the ladies in our knitting circle—Aloha Knitters. That’s right, 2! Kathey is having a baby girl and Chanda is having a baby boy; Kathey is due any day now!

yarn cake

We are actually the Windward group of Aloha Knitters. We always meet on Wednesday nights at 6pm, but we recently changed the location where we meet to ChadLou’s coffee and ice cream shop (i know… awesome combo) in downtown Kailua. Haaha… I said “downtown Kailua”. If you live here on Oahu, you’re laughing now. If you live here on the windward side of Oahu and you knit; we would love to have you join us!

I joined the circle last summer, and the first thing these ladies wanted to teach me was how to knit a wash cloth. An easy pattern consisting of a basic cast-on, K2’s, yarn overs, K2tog‘s and a bind-off, but I never actually made one—I went on to bigger and better things… Bethany’s laughing now, but anyhow… when I asked Kathey what I could make her for the baby she said, “wash cloths”. Unfortunately, though, I didn’t have a lot of time to knit wash cloths. So I kinda stressed about what I could give them, both.

Oh yes, the baby shower… lovely it was. Since we’re a small group, instead of a cake we did cupcakes from Cake Couture, voted the best cupcakes in Honolulu. They were in a word… YUM.

table placement

cake couture cupcake

cake couture cupcake

Only with cupcakes we didn’t have a centerpiece—no cake. I’ve seen the diaper cake at nearly every baby shower I’ve been to in the last few years, and although they are a creative way to give the mommy-to-be a crap-ton of diapers (yes, my word and no pun intended.) they leave me, personally, something to be desired as far as aesthetics go. So I decided to go a different route. Luckily for me we’re a group of knitters, knitters who love wash cloths, and I knew exactly what I could do! A yarn cake!

The yarn used to make said wash cloths is the very affordable 4-ply cotton yarn made by Lily Sugar and Cream. It comes in a variety of colors and is usually available at Wally-Mart here on the island. But I wasn’t so lucky to find all the colors I needed there, and had to go to another store, Ben Franklin, that sells a suspicious similarly named yarn, Peaches and Cream. Thankfully, they had the remaining colors I was looking for because, if you know me at all, you know I was doing all this just hours before the party.


baby shower yarn cake

Cake: With my 8 skeins of yarn and some ribbon in hand I fashioned my two-tiered cake like this. First, I formed a plastic bag into the shape of a skein, taping it so it wouldn’t expand (but you could also use a can, I thought of that later, again… just hours before the party). Next, I made a circle with 5 of the skeins, I placed the fake plastic skein into the center of the circle, and tied kitchen twine around the circle’s outside middle, pretty tight. This held the skeins together and also gave them a sweet whimsical shape. I did the same for the 3 skeins used to make the top-tier, minus the plastic bag.


yarn cake ribbons

Ribbons: I cut just enough ribbon to wrap around each tier, cutting one end at an angle. These two pieces of ribbon hide the kitchen twine. I used double-sided tape (DST) to attach the ends together. I cut a short piece of ribbon to make another ribbon tail, cutting one end at a matching angle, attaching it with DST. The bows I cut separately out of ribbon also; one piece, approx. 6″, for the bow. For this part of the bow I folded it into a loop, overlapping the ends slightly, pinching the whole thing in the middle and then stapling it. I cut another piece of ribbon, approx. 2″, for the piece that makes the bow center, folding it over the middle of the bow, hiding the staple and closing it with DST.

The bow on the top was made in a similar fashion. I couldn’t staple through all the layers, though, so I used DST to make all the closures. I made 5 ribbon loops of the same approximate size, your size can be determined by the size you want the bow. The placement is hard to describe so I’d say once you’ve made all your loops just play around with the placement before you tape it all together. The last loop is the center of the bow, and again, the size you make it is relevant to your bow’s overall size.

Making it stable: I inserted the top bow using a piece of floral wire wrapped through one of the middle layers of the bow, not tightly twisted, just loosely bent. To secure it I pushed the wire into the inside edge of one of the top-tier skeins. I also cut and inserted 3 pieces of 6″ of floral wire into the side of each top-tier skein, somewhere near the middle, pushing it through, into the bottom tier, until I could no longer see it sticking out.

Finishing touches: Well, since I was making this on the fly, I really didn’t have a whole lot of time to think about finishing touches, other than using the doily and cake stand you see in the photos. But now that I’ve had a few days to think about it, I definitely have a couple of suggestions that I may use if I ever make another one…

  • Finish your yarn cake with colorful glass bugle beads pushed into the top of the skeins using thin beading wire. Thread one bead on to 3-4″ of thin beading wire, bend wire and twist once securing the bead in a small loop. Press remaining wire into yarn.
  • For a less squeezed shape tie the kitchen twine not so tight around the top and bottom of each tier. Hide the twine with two ribbons placed at the bottom and top of the tier and secured with DST. Do the same for each tier. Finish by placing felted balls, threaded together like garland, around the bottom of each tier, in the colors of your choice.

I’m sure there are millions of ways out there you could make your yarn cake look even more like a real cake, sweet and yummy, moist and delicious!

Perhaps, someday, I should create a picture tutorial? But for now I am hoping, for the most part, if you look at the pictures while reading my descriptions they will help you, of course, feel free to ask me questions should they arise. I did search the web to see if this kind of textile cake had been made before, and although I couldn’t find any existing images that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been done somewhere… but that would be awesome if I was the first!

Regardless, I hope this post inspires someone out there to get creative with cakes… or at the very least makes them hungry!

And if you’ve made a cake like this or one similar, I’d love to see and hear about it!

free stuff on FREEBEE FRIDAYS!
January 14, 2011, 5:24 pm
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There a whole-lotta FREE love going on over at Check out the my newest FreeBee Friday download! It’s a Foxy Cupcake Wrapper set… just in time for Valentines Day.

hanasaurusrex foxy cupcake wrappers

too cute and foxy!

Of course, cupcakes are a welcome site any day of the year…

Limited Edition : Kaleidoscope Posters

Now I can show you how it all wrapped up. After a year of designing fliers for the Kaleidoscope show it’s all coming to an end this month. So to commemorate the series we decided to print a poster. Well, we printed a few of them and if you get down to one of the Tuesday night shows in July you may be able to pick one up! They are in very limited supply and only $10 bucks each!

Kaleidoscope will go on… it may or may not keep it’s Tuesday night schedule, but it will be keeping it’s home at Honolulu’s ThirtyNine Hotel. If you haven’t had the opportunity to head down there and check it out I high suggest you do at some point. It’s chill, intimate, live and a great mix of local music and art!

kaleidoscope poster

More Kaleidoscope
July 9, 2010, 1:24 pm
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Here I go… I’m about to post images of the last Kaleidoscope months when I look back and realize I haven’t posted any images of Kaleidoscope since last year! So before I can show you the Limited Edition poster print of all the dolls I have to go back into time…. this is where you see wavy fuzzy lines and hear sci-fi sound effects.

kaleidoscope december
kaleidoscope january
kaleidoscope february
kaleidoscope march
kaleidoscope april
kaleidoscope may
kaleidoscope june
kaleidoscope july

And that’s how it went!

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