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March 1, 2011, 6:38 pm
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Follow at home with a hanasaurusrex with bloglovin!

If you haven’t already found and fell in love with bloglovin’, you should defintely give it a look see. I’ve been looking for a super clean and easy way to keep up with my favorite blogs and was very recently turned on to bloglovin’, a site that lets me organize all of my favorite blogs into one place and then sends me an email whenever one of them updates. You can set bloglovin’ up to email you when the blogs you follow update as individual emails, in a single email each day or to not send you emails at all, which is great. I personally chose to not receive any emails at all because I keep bloglovin’ open in a permatab and click on it when I want or have time to catch up on my reading.

I’m stoked to say I was able to consolidate 14 of my 62 permatabs into one tab that will tell me everyday which of my regular reads have new news.

“62 tabs?!!”, yes, 62 tabs. Aaaanyway—

But I think what I like best about bloglovin’ is it’s clean interface and straight forward approach to it’s design. Too many other blog readers are well.. blah readers, and bloglovin’ appeals to the designer in me. Of course it would, it is after all Swiss built, and I am a sucker for Swiss design.

Follow at home with a hanasaurusrex with bloglovin!


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