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So long WordPress… We’re moving over to
April 2, 2011, 2:20 am
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I am SOOOOOOO frustrated and disappointed with the image quality here on WordPress. The image I included in my last post is just the last straw; the quality is just unacceptable. The designer in me is disgusted. I don’t spend hours editing my photos to have them degraded so.

It seems that unless I own my own URL and host my blog and images elsewhere WordPress will continue to compress the images I post into oblivion. I’ve read several threads where other users are just as sick and tired of having their already optimized for web photos compressed to the point that they look like utter crap—especially photo bloggers. And I don’t even think I care if WordPress is working on the problem.

Turns out, I do own my own URL,, and I use Blogger to host it. So I’ve decided to combine at home with a hanasaurusrex &, which is currently my shop’s blog. The shop isn’t open yet, which means I am hardly posting over there right now, but I might as well just be blogging all in one place. I’ll be killing two birds with one stone—better image quality and one less ball to juggle. The one less ball makes me very happy.

So, I invite you, please, to join me over at You can follow on Facebook and Twitter, with Google Friend Connect and bloglovin’. You can also subscribe via email for updates sent straight to your inbox! I look forward to you dropping by, and I’d love your feedback too. Thanks to those of you who’ve been a part of pixels and prose and at home with a hanasaurusrex over the years. Now, let’s start something new!


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