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garage sale saturday
March 24, 2011, 4:20 pm
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Yay for garage sales! One man’s trash is truly another man’s treasure, my treasure! I don’t go as often as I’d like, but when I do, it’s on!

mound of garage sale clothes

This past Saturday, the neighborhood one over from us was having their annual garage sale event. My husband’s mother, Haidy, who is an avid garage sale shopper asked me if I’d like to go check it out with her. I figured, since I am in the market for a pair of matching nightstands for the new room and I hadn’t been to any in forever, this could be fortune smiling down on me.

This was an event for the serious garage sale lover! They had a map of the neighborhood and a list of which addresses had sales going on. More than a few streets had at least four homes with their garages full of possible treasures hopeful to find new homes. Some were even offering coffee and muffins for a hopeful donation or selling plate lunches. There were several raising money for various charities and one sweet old couple who said all the proceeds from their sale would go to aid the Japan tsunami victims.

garage sale traffic

It was a very popular place to be, I must say. Cars and people everywhere and the hunt was on for some serious deals! What did I find? Oh! Well, I’m so glad you asked!garage sale purchases

I scored a cashmere sweater vest for .25¢, which I might “frog”, or unravel, so I can knit something new with the yarn! I also found a Diane von Fürstenberg wrap dress (not sure what season—like I care) for $7 bucks! I picked up a Calvin Klein dress for $7 and a CK black jacket for .25¢. A sweater from Ann Taylor, and two pairs for J. Crew capris (one pair with cute little martini glasses embroidered on them) both a quarter and a pair of turquoise suede Ralph Lauren loafers made in Italy for $1 dollar—win, win, win!

garage sale books

I promise I am far from being a fashion snob, although knowing my labels does help, and when I happen across something good, I know it. I was mostly stoked about the Fürstenberg dress because—like I’ll ever own anything that expensive—I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes. So that was a real win for me. Yay for me! Haaahaa…

garage sale stationary

Anyway… I also found some really great cigar boxes, books, cookbooks, some kawaii stationary from Japan, a couple cute belts and—shhhh… don’t tell the lady—a genuine leather purse. She said she didn’t think it was real leather and sold it to me for $2.00. Werd. I don’t really know why I bought an entire box of golf pencils—I guess I was on a roll? And I’ll probably make a patio pillow out of the vintage rice sack.

garage sale random

As we were leaving the neighborhood we drove by this really great old Dodge truck. It was so rusted out, but I was amazed at how perfect the grass was trimmed around it! The neighbor, who came out when he saw me taking pictures of it, said it was one of Kailua’s oldest landmarks; he was serious. He said the man it belonged to had tried to get it running, but parts here are scarce. I explained that, being from Texas, I have a soft spot for tough old trucks and muscle cars as well as lawn ornaments ;) so I had to stop and take its picture.

old dodge pickup

All in all it was a really fun day, and I’m definitely thinkin’ I should do this garage sale-ing thing way more often!


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