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french toast dinner night
March 26, 2011, 6:35 pm
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French toast for dinner?!! You betcha! I love French toast! And French toast for dinner is where it’s at, like you can get with this or you can get with that, ’cause this is where it’s at at! Okay, that was just a very bazaar sentence. Seriously, though, serious, I hope you enjoy this french toast for dinner montage as much as we enjoyed making it!

french toast montage

How we make French Toast

4-6 Slices of bread (any kind *using real french bread is Ahh-mazing! but this time we used potato, and it was yums too)
1/4 C. Milk (or milk substitue)
1/2 tbls. Cinnamon
1-2 Eggs
Syrup (Blue Agave Sweetner is yum sans the spike to your glucose! Honey works too.)
Fruit if you’d like!
Powdered Sugar is also optional

fred french toast press

Heat your skillet up on medium heat.

Next, in something with a flat bottom, pour the eggs and milk (or milk sub) together. You can add a little more milk if you want to stretch the egg wash to make a few more slices or you can use less if you want a more eggy french toast. We use this awesome round silicone baking thingy (called a thingy ’cause it’s not really a dish or a pan) but you can use anything that will hold liquid and still allow you to submerge the bread. Mix in the cinnamon and whisk them all together.

Now here’s where you gotta be kinda quick. If you have a helper that rocks! If not… it’s still totally doable. You just use one hand to submerge a slice of bread in the egg wash, wet on both sides, then lift it out of the wash and let it slightly drain off the excess wash. Then with the other hand, cut a small pad of butter off of the stick and throw it into the skillet. Place the slice of bread on top of the sizzling butter.

I guess this does seem a little complicated, but if you put the butter in first and then wet the bread the butter could burn off before you place the bread over it. Aaaaand I suppose we could butter the bread before we submerge it, but eh—it’s all relative—this works for us! Really, once you get the hang of it, it goes really fast and it can be done by one person, and it saves on using more butter than necessary.

Now that you’ve got that sweet piece of bread turning brown and smelling yummy you can sit back and enjoy some chocolate milk (or milk sub) and chat it up with your helper or make some eggs or coffee or flip the bacon. Depending on how brown you like your toast you can flip it when you like and then just repeat the above bread dunking, butter sizzling steps with each slice you want to french up. Add fruit and or powdered sugar to the plated slices and drizzle with your choice of syrup!

When we were in Austin last summer, we stopped by Toy Joy. Their website is a little crazy, but if you ever actually find yourself in Austin, you must check out Toy Joy! While we were there perusing, we found the French toast press made by Fred, who incidentally makes some of the cleverest devices. As a French toast lover, I could not pass it up! Simply press it into your slice of bread and voilà! Your French toast is instantly that much more French, which I know, is not really French at all. You can read the French bread history, of sorts, here, interesting stuff.

Yay for French toast dinner! Now who’s with me? :P


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