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Fun things I’ve been up to lately, enjoy!

crochet knobby finger coral hawaii hyperbolic crochet coral reef

This news actually deserves its own separate post, which I will do when I have a few more pieces to show, but for now… I’ve recently joined the artists and crafters currently working to create Hawaii’s own Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef. Founded by two sisters in 2009, the HCCR was and is a project aimed at bringing awareness to the endangerment of the Great Barrier Reef and all reefs worldwide. Now currently on exhibition at the Smithsonian, the HCCR has evolved from being the work of the two sisters to now encompassing the work of thousands of people worldwide. A fact which can be directly compared to size and number of species actually seen in our ocean’s coral reef systems. The Hawaii HCCR will be on exhibit at The Arts at Marks Garage the month of June. A reception will be held on Slow Art Friday, June 17th, where I will have the pleasure of being one of the artists giving live demonstrations of crochet! The photo above is the beginning of my first piece, not completed yet, but it is inspired by Hawaii’s Knobby Finger Coral. If you crochet and are interested in becoming a participant in this project there is still time to join! Follow the link above or let me know and I can help you get acquainted with the group! I will definitely be posting more info on the show as well as more of my creations in the coming weeks.

still shot from live eagle cam

I’ve also been watching this Eagle Cam! It’s live footage of an family of eagles, two adults and three chicks at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. It’s really sweet to see how nurturing the adults are with the chicks. The photos are screen grabs from the cam, one during the day and the other at night… Try it out! One thing to note, though, if it doesn’t work at first you can try again later. I’ve gotten errors a couple of time, but then later it would work.

Another fun happening around here is we are about to start painting the kitchen! The bedroom is on hold until the carpet comes in, so we figured why not start the kitchen while we wait! I am super excited to see the room all white with the pop of bright red. I’ve been thinking about covering the Formica on our homemade countertop with steel or aluminum? Hmmm… I still need to go check out the prices and sizes of what’s available at the hardware store here to see if it’s even a possibility.

This morning we went to Moanalua High School to watch the senior project presentations. I recently mentored a student from there who had contacted me last semester. She was doing her senior project on graphic design and the difference between graphic design and art. I was really impressed with her presentation. She was an organized speaker and made excellent points arguing her thesis very intelligently. I felt honored to be one of the designers there who played a role in her research!

Hope everyone has a great rest of their weekend! I’m going to go help empty out our kitchen now… tomorrow we paint! Yay!



Limited Edition : Kaleidoscope Posters

Now I can show you how it all wrapped up. After a year of designing fliers for the Kaleidoscope show it’s all coming to an end this month. So to commemorate the series we decided to print a poster. Well, we printed a few of them and if you get down to one of the Tuesday night shows in July you may be able to pick one up! They are in very limited supply and only $10 bucks each!

Kaleidoscope will go on… it may or may not keep it’s Tuesday night schedule, but it will be keeping it’s home at Honolulu’s ThirtyNine Hotel. If you haven’t had the opportunity to head down there and check it out I high suggest you do at some point. It’s chill, intimate, live and a great mix of local music and art!

kaleidoscope poster

More Kaleidoscope
July 9, 2010, 1:24 pm
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Here I go… I’m about to post images of the last Kaleidoscope months when I look back and realize I haven’t posted any images of Kaleidoscope since last year! So before I can show you the Limited Edition poster print of all the dolls I have to go back into time…. this is where you see wavy fuzzy lines and hear sci-fi sound effects.

kaleidoscope december
kaleidoscope january
kaleidoscope february
kaleidoscope march
kaleidoscope april
kaleidoscope may
kaleidoscope june
kaleidoscope july

And that’s how it went!

My Sundae Daydream
March 8, 2010, 12:58 pm
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my sunday daydream illustration ice cream

You can view a much better image of this and other current works in my portfolio: banana grafeeks

I’ve made my living as a Graphic Designer for the last 10 years. Back then I wasn’t able to go the traditional route of attending college or art school, instead I began working for a local screen printer in their art department. It was so awesome! Every day I’d get to fumble around on a aqua blue Yosemite MAC G3 using Macromedia FreeHand and Photoshop, drink copious amounts of coffee, and I could call myself a Graphic Designer, even though I had NO idea what I was doing. It took me several years before I was even close to having a style I could even remotely call my own, but I hung in there. After all, what other job could I have where I could dress however I wanted, come and go as I pleased, and jam out to loud music all day? Art departments rock!

So flash forward a decade and I humbly have to say I have definitely grown into my artistic skin. I have a style, I have an aesthetic I’m proud of, and I am still a Macromedia FreeHand user. Oh, the shame! No, wait… what? I love FreeHand! It has served me well and I know it like the back of my hand. I know how maximize it’s efficient attributes and how to get around it’s not so efficient tools. For a strictly vector designer like myself it has been a trusty, tried and true blue piece of software. But ‘alas, I have known for a long time there would come a day when I would have to take a step into the future, which is now.

Admittedly, I am one of those they had to drag kicking and screaming into the new era of the MAC OSX, when they switched from 9 to 10… but that was then and this is now and I am much faster to adapt to my spaces, except when it comes to Adobe Illustrator. I knew back in the day when Adobe bought Macromedia that my beloved FreeHand would be cast aside, left to linger in the dead space of no new updates, the new best friend to Internet Explorer 5, and I was okay with that. It wouldn’t be so bad. But as time went on I grew tired of freelancing. I loathed the unwitting clients who didn’t even value the skill they were wanting to exploit. I figured I would just get a job again, in a new art department. My existing title of Sr. Designer along with my extensive body of work would be good enough, right? Wrong.

I quickly found that despite my years of experience, without the proper software in my bag of tricks, I was as obsolete as my number one go to, FreeHand. And stubborn me, rather than learn Illustrator and Quark I fought the idea at every step. I kept freelancing and I kept being unhappy. I kept trying to make it work.

Well, those days are over! I may be stubborn, but I am not stupid. If you want change in your life you must be willing to change your life. Sounds pretty obvious when you say it like that, she said. Uh, yeah. Finally, I am learning Illustrator. And although I am not really thrilled about the extra steps you have to go through to accomplish the same action FreeHand could manage in one click, and what I consider to be the rather unintuitive pen tool. I am a quick study, and it helps tremendously that I have a history with FreeHand like I do.

So with a small amount of kicking and screaming I wanted to show you my first illustration created exclusively in Adobe Illustrator. I think it turned out rather well. And yes, I guess, probably better than it would have if I would have created it in FreeHand… Hey, a girl can change her mind.

You can view my current portfolio here: banana grafeeks on

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