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Do you know the feeling?

photo cabineDo you know the feeling when as you’re driving you round a corner, pass a building or crest an overpass and all of the sudden the sun is blinding you. And for a few seconds you can no longer see the road ahead of you. My heart sinks every time and for a split second—even when I am all too familiar with the road I am traveling—I question if I am going to drive into a ditch or cross the lane into oncoming traffic. Have you ever had that feeling?

I just had that feeling this morning. I was coming home from getting coffee after pulling an all-nighter trying to fix my computer. Being a graphic designer, my computer is practically my life. It’s my income, it’s my muse, it’s my baby. Well, two days ago my baby decided to have a fatal error and refuse to run my operating system. boo! I had that same sinking feeling when I realized it was something more than a mere glitch. But I refused to be intimidated by the temper tantrum. This time it wasn’t going to be a total freak out moment. For one, I had partitioned my hard drive into to 4 different disks, and after starting up from the OS install disk and running disk utility, I found only one partition was damaged. More importantly, at the time, I did have all my data backed up on my terabyte external… or so I thought. It seems through an innocent mistake, after backing up the damaged disk, I managed to reformat my external thinking it was my startup. I know.. I know… a total amateur move. I promise, I really do know what I’m doing.

Long story short, I was able to recover most everything—thank you DiskWarrior. It took me a complete day and night to straighten everything out and get this contraption running smoothly again. It won’t ever be exactly the same as it was, but I can now breath a sigh of relief, at least. And as I am constantly learning, change is one part of life you cannot change.

I’ve taken a bunch of pictures over the last two days, though. I have a butterfly report—with some gorgeous closeups of the two butterflies that hatched in my studio—and a crochet reef update (I’m making pretty good progress on that project too). I took pictures of our BLT lunch and I have some recent found images that inspired me through my debacle. BUT! Posting them will have to wait until tomorrow. Because right now… I am going to go to sleep. I want to hit up my knitting group tonight, to work on the crochet reef, so I’d better get at least a few hours in—minimize the mistakes in my stitches. ;)

Hope this photo strip makes you smile… it’s my delirious-sleep-deprived-self trying to show you some of the faces I wore over the last two days. The second face lasted by far the longest and the last face is me right now—headed off to bed!


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