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bedroom update
March 24, 2011, 4:18 pm
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So where did I leave off last time… oh yes, I was on my way to pick out some new carpet, which I did do! Unfortunately, it won’t be on island for 6–8 weeks—I am making my perturbed face right now. Oh well, you gotta pick your battles, right? I am really looking forward to installing it, though. It is a lovely shade of silver gray. I was originally thinking I would pick out a gold, to try to play up the gold wall. But it as it turns out, the gold wall looks like a different shade of gold depending on what kind of light it is reflecting. I’ve now seen it have a huge range from the pretty romantic gold it is suppose to be, to a more yellow gold, to a horrible gold that hints of kiwi green?!?? I was pretty irritated with it while it was going up on the wall, but there again, I was reminded to trust my instincts, and soon we realized the drastic color change was due to the terrible florescent overhead light that was installed in the room forever ago. Since we plan to NEVER use that light again and now have two beautiful lamps to replace it, I am breathing a sigh of relief as I am really pleased with the color.

bedroom renovations

bedroom renovations lit branch headboard

Ooooh… pretty lights… we had bought these lit branches at Ben Franklin last spring and were using them in the corners of the room for nighttime light. But they were propped up in an old wine bottle and a red vase, neither of which I wanted to keep in the room. While I was fumbling with them trying to figure out where to put them, I had a moment. I grabbed a staple gun and a couple old pieces of ¼ inch ply wood that I’d previously had cut down to paint on and in 15 minutes I had a new DIY headboard. Don’t you just love those kind of moments?!

bedroom renovations lit branch headboard

The first picture is one of the lamps I found at Ross; I picked up the pair. It was fate. It was like the chair!!! Oh man, for those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter… I found this amazing chair at Ross—there is a picture of it below—and almost fell out at how perfect it was for the room. I chose all the room colors from our Alexander Girard duvet cover, the gold color to off-set the aqua and the grays for a touch of masculinity. But even after adding the sliver carpet, I still felt like I needed more of those grays present. And then, like a bolt of lightening, I turned the corner and there it was, that chair! A classic cut for not a lot of buck—it’s no Chippendale piece—but with the lamps, it totally adds a sweet little touch of wham-bam-thank-you-glam, without being too fem. I love it.

the chair

carpet and side table

As it turns out my garage sale day last Saturday didn’t yield me any nightstands. But I was taking a friend to Saver’s on Tuesday and, on a tip from Haidy, decided to stop at the Salvation Army first. Immediately upon walking in I saw two matching side tables. They were small and round—I love round—dark like our dressers, a pair, they were perfect! Ouch! They were a hundred dollars. What?! Oh no! Where’s the manager…

I found the manager and argued a good case for why that price was totally unreasonable. I mean, I know it’s for charity and all, but geez. He agreed to mark them down to what I offered, which was $50 for the pair. Still a decent exchange, and whoo-hoo, my furniture searching is over!

Now we’re patiently waiting for the carpet. I still plan to hang some wall decor, although I am not sure what just yet. Also, we plan on antiquing the dressers with either the aqua or the cream… I think I’m leaning toward the aqua, but we might do them gray also? Whatever we decide, I’ll be sure to give y’all a look see into our lovely new room!


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